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Light Sources

LS 150 with 20037S 90 Degree Beam Turner

LS 150 Xenon Arc Lamp Source


  • 150 W Xe Arc Lamp
  • Fast F/1.0 condenser
  • Unlimited expansion possibilities
  • OEM ready

Model LS-150 is a Patented US Pat. No. 8116017 low cost, high output 150 watt Xe arc lamp based light source. The entire source, power supply, lamp, and optical compartment are housed in an extremely compact enclosure, 9 x 6 x 11 inches. The unit’s base allows mounting on inch or metric spaced optical tables with the optics centered over the hole pattern to allow for easy integration with the rest of your setup.

Having the complete source in a single enclosure assures that any EMI generated during ignition is contained inside the housing. It also eliminates the need for costly shielded cables and connectors.

Optical System
The optical compartment of the LS-150 contains the lamp, a fused silica F/1.0 condenser, a rear reflector to collect and direct radiation emitted from the back of the lamp, all controls necessary to maximize collection and target the output beam to it’s desired location. The lamp is mounted, strain free, on a swing out lamp mount making lamp replacement a simple, no tools required operation.

Electronics Compartment
The electronics compartment houses the low ripple power supply, a low noise and vibration cooling fan, an elapsed time meter for keeping track of lamp hours, and system interlocks. The safety interlocks will shut the entire system down in the case of a fan failure. Door interlocks for both the electronics and optical compartments will shut the system down to prevent exposure to hazardous voltages, current, and high intensity light if the doors are opened during system operation

High Stability Option
Each LS-150 is supplied with a high stability option that is easy to install in the field. This option isolates the optical compartment from small amounts of vibration that might be introduced by the system cooling fan and can produce significant stability improvement.

Accessories are easily accommodated with a flexible design front plate. Abet accessories as well as any 1.035-40 thread optics cells and 30 mm cage mount system components directly to the front plate. A number of inexpensive adapters to industry standard interfaces are available to accommodate C-mount and Newport-Oriel flange based components.

Please see the accessories page for complete descriptions of our available accessories.

Model Description
LS-150 150 W Xe Arc Lamp Source
Order lamp separately


Model Description
13016 Osram XBO-150/1 ozone free
13017 Osram XBO-150/4 UV
13014 Ushio UXL-150-MO
13015 Ushio UXL-150-SMO long life

Arc Lamp Accessories

Model Description
20035 90° Mount, UV 280-400 nm
20037 90° Mount, Full Reflector
20034 90° Mount, no optics
20052 F/1.0 Secondary focusing condenser
20053 F/2.0 Secondary focusing condenser
20065 Filter Wheel, six positions


Model Description
20032 Adapter to Oriel 1.5 inch series flange
20033 Adapter for C-Mount accessories
20043 1 Inch Optics Mounting Cell for optics up to 7.5 mm thick
20044 1 inch Optics Mounting Cell for optics up to 12.7 mm thick