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Arc Source Accessories and Adapters

Accessories are easily accommodated by the flexible design of the front plate of LS series sources. The LS faceplate accepts all Abet accessories as well as any 1.035-40 thread optics cells and 30 mm cage system components directly. C-mount and Newport-Oriel flange based accessories are accommodated with inexpensive adapters.

abet_technologie_i00004a Manual Filter Wheel
This is a six-position manual filter wheel for 1-inch diameter (25 mm), up to 3 mm thick optics. Use our 20043 or 20044 1” cells to accommodate thicker optics. The wheel can be used like a microscope turret. With a selection of focusing condensers loaded different spot sizes and irradiance level spots can be produced.
Model Description Price
20065 Manual Filter Wheel $255.00

Focusing Condensers
These condensers are 1 inch (25 mm) diameter UV grade Fused Silica lenses mounted in a cell that screws right into the output face of our LS source or into the 20065 filter wheel.
Model Description Price
20052 F/1.0 UV Grade Fused Silica Condenser $220.00
20053 F/2.0 UV Grade Fused Silica Condenser $185.00
20055 F/4.0 UV Grade Fused Silica Condenser $168.00

Other focal length condensers are available please contact us for information and pricing.

90Degree Beam Turner
These mounts allow a beam to be turned by 90 degrees, without any vignetting, with a mirror, or to provide wavelength separation when equipped with a dichroic reflector. The output faces are also equipped with 4-40 tapped holes for a 30 mm cage system. These reflector mounts can also be attached to each other for additional filtering.
Model Description Price
20034 90° Beam Turner with no optics $288.00
20037 90° Beam Turner with a full reflector $325.00
20035 90° Beam Turner with UV 280-400 nm reflector $425.00

Mirrors for other spectral regions are available. Please contact us for information and pricing.

#20032 Adapter
The #20032 adapter is used to mount Oriel 1.5 inch series flange components to the face plate of LS sources
Model Description Price
20032 Flange Adapter $72.00

#20033 Adapter
The #20033 adapter is used to mount standard C-mount accessories to LS series sources.
Model Description Price
20033 C-Mount Adapter $47.00

The 20043 and 20044 1.035-40 threaded 1 inch cells are used to mount optics to the output face of the LS-150 source or the 20065 filter wheel.
Model Description Price
20043 1 Inch Optics Mounting Cell for optics up to 7.5 mm thick $89.00
20044 1 inch Optics Mounting Cell for optics up to 12.7 mm thick $72.00