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UV Exposure Sources


6 Inch Flood Exposure Source
The Abet Gen II patent pending optical design dramatically increases the percentage of photons reaching the work plane.

Standard maintenance, lamp, or filter replacement, does not require any tools. Locking indicator dials on all the system controls, located together for ease of alignment, provide for a reproducible setup. A beam imaging accessory makes alignment even faster.

All electronics are packaged in the lamp house — no clutter of high power cables to deal with.

These systems provide UV rich uniform illumination from either Mercury or Mercury Xenon arc lamps specifically chosen to maximize UV output.


Abet Technologies offers a number of spectral and field size options to match your application. Sources range in size from 2 x 2 to 8 x 8 inch uniformly illuminated fields.

Additional filters can be accommodated to fine tune the spectral characteristics of the source for your particular application.

A low profile optical alignment system leaves the space below the system wide open for any material positioning equipment or large samples. Unit mounting options allow from above suspension leaving space below totally free if needed.

Compact, Integrated, Efficient, Safe, Convenient to use and maintain.

The entire source, power supply, control electronics, shutter, lamp, and optical compartment are housed in a compact enclosure, approximately 13.75” deep X 23.75” high X 27.5” long (350X600X700 mm). A selection of simple bases allows positioning the various models at their design working distances. The design produces a well balanced unit which is usually used free standing. It can also be suspended from above, and the base removed, for applications requiring more space around the illuminated work plane.

Gen II Optical System — more than 2x throughput improvement

The high efficiency illumination homogenizer is housed in the optical compartment which also contains a securely mounted Hg or HgXe arc lamp, a light collection reflector, an electronic shutter, a condenser lens, optics cooling fan, precision optics adjusters, as well as filters, dichroics, mirrors, apertures, and attenuators needed to produce the desired spectral shape, uniformity and irradiance level.

Replacing the arc lamp is a no tools required operation. Focusing the lamp does not expose the operator to any unsafe light levels (the exception possibly being the usual high irradiance level in the work plane).

All of the optical compartment adjustments are conveniently located on the rear of the source enclosure. They are equipped with lockable indicator dials that provide positive feedback on alignment status and assure stable operation once aligned.

Clean Cooling

Any dust or dirt particles introduced into an optical system can degrade system performance and shorten the life of critical optical components. All Abet sources utilize a HEPA filtered cooling fan to extend the life of the delicate optical components.

Shutter Control

A digital timer for shutter control is available from the control panel on the lamp housing or via a USB or wireless computer interface. A photofeedback option for dose controlled exposure is also available. This option incorporates a light detector housed in the optical compartment, the detector monitors the irradiance being delivered to the work plane. As the lamp or optical components age, and the received signal diminishes, an electronic feedback loop adjusts the shutter open time to assure a constant dose level to the work plane.

Self Contained Electronics

The electronics compartment houses all the required power supplies, the electronics cooling fan, the shutter driver electronics, the digital controls (or the Elapsed Time Meter for preset operating point systems) and the system interlocks.

Having the complete source in a single enclosure assures that any EMI generated during ignition is contained inside the housing. It also eliminates the need for costly shielded cables and connectors.


Thermal interlocks shut the power supplies down in case of a fan failure to prevent damage that system overheating can cause. Door interlocks shut the lamp power down to prevent user exposure to hazardous voltage, current or radiation if the system door is accidentally opened during system operation.