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System Features and Benefits

Dust particles even in a laboratory can be introduced into systems by cooling air that is required to maintain a safe operating temperature. Over time these particles can reduce output power or shorten the life of critical optical components. Each Abet exposure source includes HEPA filtering assuring only clean dust free air flows into the lamp housing

Alignment Controls

Accessible and lockable alignment controls produce stable performance and make system alignment a simple and fast procedure.


Alignment Imaging Tool

When lamps are replaced it is often necessary to fine tune system alignment for best performance. A swing in beam imaging tool makes it easy to check that system alignment is optimized.


Ordering Information: Please contact us at 203-540-9990 or email us for pricing information.

All systems are supplied with a shutter and digital timer that can be controlled from the side panel of the lamp house, a computer via USB interface or a secure LAN or WAN wireless interface. Mid UV systems normally ship with a borosilicate condenser lens. DUV and NUV systems ship with a UV fused silica condenser. Many other filter options are available — please ask your sales representative for information on other available spectral ranges you might need.