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Company and product news from Abet Technologies.

Abet announces a new line of QE Measurement Systems

The AB6000 series QE Measurement Systems provide turnkey solutions for spectral characterization. An LED based light engine allows DC to high frequency monochromatic light generation. No chopper or order sorting filters required.

Abet Announces A New Triple Junction Reference Cell

Multi-Junction solar cell metrology is more complicated than that of a single junction one. As these cells are made of multiple layers, a multi-source/LED solar simulator is usually employed to allow adjustment of band to band irradiance ratios. Our triple junction reference cells can be used to set the correct irradiance for each single junction.... continue reading

Abet Announces new line of SunLite Solar Simulators

The recently introduced line of SunLite Solar Simulators set a new standard for 50 x 50 mm field solar simulators using only a 100 watt Xenon arc lamp. The 11002 SunLite Solar Simulator utilizes and optimized optical system to deliver more than one AM1.5G sun irradiance over a 50 x 50 mm area. The Sunlight... continue reading

Abet Technologies to display family of Integrated IV Test Solutions & Work Stations at Intersolar North America

Abet Technologies, Inc., the emerging leader in the design and manufacture of products for solar cell PV-IV testing, will be exhibiting at Intersolar North America in San Francisco, July 13 -15, 2010. Quickly increasing in significance, Intersolar North America is one of the Photovoltaics Industry’s most significant US trade shows, providing a forum to bring... continue reading

Abet Technologies to introduce improved uniformity low cost solar simulator at SPIE’s Optics + Photonics exhibition

Abet Technologies, Inc., the emerging leader in the design and manufacture of products for solar cell PV-IV testing, is mounting an exciting exhibit at SPIE’s Optics + Photonics exhibition in San Diego, August 3-5, 2010. Billed by SPIE as the largest optical sciences and technology meeting in North America, offering more than 55 courses and... continue reading

Digital Controls now Standard

Release Date August 20, 2007 All Abet Technologies Solar Simulators now come standard with a full compliment of digital controls. The digital control panel allows the user to set and control all functions of the instrument. The four line LCD on the control panel displays power, current, shutter exposure time, and photofeedback settings, if the... continue reading

Expanded Air Mass Filter Offering

AM1.0 and AM1.5D air mass filters in addition to the current offering of AM1.0 and AM1.5G are now available as part of the standard Abet product line. For more information on these new air mass filters please contact us.

New Photovoltaic IV Test Stations

Abet Technologies has recently introduced a new line of photovoltaic (PV) IV test stations for solar cells from 3 mm to 300 mm. Multi-zone vacuum chucks and 4 wire test methodology are standard on all models.  Test stations are temperature control monitored and temperature control ready with the addition of a recirculating chiller. The line... continue reading

New Product Line Catalog

Abet Technologies is proud to announce the availability of its 2013 Product Line Catalog. The new 32 page catalog describes all the current products as well new products that can be seen in this catalog for the first time. The Abet product line includes a wide range of illuminated area solar simulators from 35 mm... continue reading

Ultraviolet Conversion Option

Inspired by customer needs Abet Technologies has introduced an ultraviolet/full spectrum option for its line of solar simulators. The conversion option is just one more feature that increases the versatility and flexibility of Abet simulators. Many applications require ultraviolet output without the associated heating effects of visible and near infrared as well full spectrum output.... continue reading

Universal Test Platform

Universal PV IV Vacuum Test Platform The 15090 universal test platform is an entry level adaptable tool for reproducible positioning of solar cells from 3 mm to 156 x 156 mm. Users can easily modify the vacuum distribution to match the cell sizes being measured. Fixed position cell locators for 156 x 156, 125 x... continue reading