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Ultraviolet Conversion Option

Inspired by customer needs Abet Technologies has introduced an ultraviolet/full spectrum option for its line of solar simulators. The conversion option is just one more feature that increases the versatility and flexibility of Abet simulators.

Many applications require ultraviolet output without the associated heating effects of visible and near infrared as well full spectrum output. The conversion option allows fast and easy interchange of mirrors to convert a simulator from full spectrum to ultraviolet output.

The conversion is accomplished in less than 5 minutes with no tools or complicated realignment procedures.  A complete line of ultraviolet, and full spectrum spectral band shaping filters are also available.

Note to Editors:

Abet Technologies improves the quality of work of scientists and manufacturers by providing the tools that advance their Photovoltaics research and production. With an expanding line of ASTM, IEC and JIS standards compliant products for solar cell PV-IV testing, steady state solar simulators, test stations, software, calibrated reference cells and a selection of electronic loads for low and high current cells, Abet has become the provider of choice for a growing list of companies and researchers. For more information about Abet Technologies visit

Allen Smith