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Universal Test Platform

Universal PV IV Vacuum Test Platform

The 15090 universal test platform is an entry level adaptable tool for reproducible positioning of solar cells from 3 mm to 156 x 156 mm. Users can easily modify the vacuum distribution to match the cell sizes being measured. Fixed position cell locators for 156 x 156, 125 x 125, and 100 x 100 mm as well as an adjustable locator for smaller cells are included with the 15090.

The chuck is electrically isolated to allow its use as one of the cell contacts and magnetic bases are offered for use with Abet’s magnetic base micromanipulators. Magnetic base positions are adjustable to optimize micromanipulator locations.

An included positioning bar allows mounting to the supporting rails on any Abet SUN2000 or SUN3000 solar simulator.  Free standing use with the optional 15090-F is also possible.

Download the datasheet here