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Abet announces a new line of QE Measurement Systems

The AB6000 series QE Measurement Systems provide turnkey solutions for spectral characterization. An LED based light engine allows DC to high frequency monochromatic light generation. No chopper or order sorting filters required.

The 250 mm focal length, direct drive monochromator offers high scan speed and generous light output. Micrometer driven slits allow reproducible bandwidth control.

The base system includes all the necessary hardware and software. A built in Windows 10 PC allows full control of test parameter settings and instrument performance. PHOTOR software controls the instrument and offers complete data analysis capabilities.  Also included are the required bias light, a bias voltage supply, a DSP powered lock-in amplifier, and I/V converter to separate AC from DC signals and amplify them, all necessary reference and monitor cells, temperature monitoring electronics and as ordered cell mounting and contacting hardware, temperature control, XY translation stages for QE mapping, or Internal Quantum Efficiency Option.

Optional range extension options increase the range of the AB6000 from 350 to 1100 nm to 300 to 1800 nm.

 Download datasheet QE measurement 2017