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PV-IV System Considerations

Abet Technologies manufacturers all the components necessary for complete PV-IV Measurement Systems. When thinking about a complete system there are several considerations that must be taken into account in order to construct a system that will meet both current and future needs. Some of these items are listed below.

Solar Simulator
Any system starts with a solar simulator to illuminate samples to be tested. Both the illuminated field size, irradiance level required and class of solar simulator are important decisions that need to be mad. Abet manufacturers a wide range of solar simulators with illuminated areas from 35 mm to 35 x 35 cm. Class ABB, ABA, and AAA are available.

Probe Station
Though out our website and literature we use probe station and test station interchangeably. The size of cells, types of cells, and their contact geometries are what will dictate which probe station is required. All Abet probe stations are designed for 4 wire metrology, include a temperature sensor for temperature monitoring and come temperature control ready with the addition of a recirculating cooler. Our line of stations range from those for more traditional top/bottom contact solar cells, to stations for multiple devices on a single substrate, and, multifunctional stations for DSSC glass sandwich cells.

Electronic Load
The range currents expected from cells to be tested determines the choice of electronic load. In most instances choosing a load that has higher maximum current capability than current needs dictates could be a wise decision that might only add one or two thousand dollars to the cost of a complete system. If future cell testing requires a higher maximum current than for immediate needs an additional load will need to be purchased. In order to supply complete system we offer a line of Keithley SourceMeters, Kepco Bi-Polar Power Supplies in addition to the Abet model 15290 Universal Load capable of dark curve through 15 A current metrology.

Additional Considerations
A wide range of additional accessories and options including dark enclosures for dark IV measurements, stereo zoom alignment microscopes, temperature control and measurement options, stereo zoom alignment microscopes, microscope alignment slide assemblies, and reference cells are available.

Please contact us to help you configure a system that will meet both your current and future needs.