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Standard Probe Station Chucks and Accessories

Standard Probe Station Chucks and Accessories

Model #15510 Vacuum Chuck with 15512 Probe Bar and Actuator Option illuminated by a 11018A Solar Simulator

In this test solutions section of our website we describe the expanding line of Abet PV IV probe stations for the growing variety of solar cell types and sizes being developed around the world. This page describes a line of vacuum chucks and accessories for top/bottom, top/top, and bottom/bottom solar cells from 3 x 3 mm to 300 x 300 mm. Probe stations for multiple device on a single substrate and multifunction probe stations are described further in the sections highlighted to the left of this page.

It is impossible to completely describe in full detail the complete range of probe stations and options that are available. If you don’t see an exact solution for your testing needs please contact us. The majority of our now standard solar cell measurement solutions have been derived from the specific needs of researchers.

Multi-Zone Vacuum Chucks

15510 Vacuum chuck

Abet Multi-Zone Vacuum chucks are available in four standard sizes, 50 x 50 mm, 156 x 156 mm, 210 x 210 mm and 300 x 300 mm. Cells from 3 x 3 mm to the chuck maximum size can be accomodated A set of cell locators is included with each chuck to allow for reproducible positioning of the devices. A locating bracket correctly positions the chuck with respect to an Abet Solar Simulator. For use with other solar simulators custom locating brackets can be ordered. Each station has a calibrated temperature sensor to facilitate STC correction. Simple connection to a recirculating cooler provides temperature control from dew point to 70 degrees C for standard chucks. Higher temperature capable chucks are available on special order. Three different cell contact options are available affording the most flexible probe stations available. All of the options can easily be installed in the field if cell contact geometries change in the future.

Micromanipulator Base Option

15510 Vacuum Chuck with 15511 Micromanipulator Base Option

The micromanipulator base option provides two magnetic platforms for micromanipulators. The bases are fully adjustable so that micromanipulators can contact anywhere on a cell.

Probe Bar and Actuator Option

15500 Probe Station with 15502 Probe Bar and Actuator Option

The probe bar and actuator option is for bus bar metalized cells. Probe bars have a series of spring loaded pins to contact a cell bus bar. Each probe bar has an isolated  center voltage sense pin. Probe bars are independently adjustable to match cell bus bar separation. The number of probe bars and the number of pins on each probe bar depends on the option ordered.

Back Contact Option

15510 with 15290 Back Contact Option

The back contact option consists of insulating strips and dual conductor strips. The dual conductor strips, wider conductor used for output and narrower for sense signal are mostly insulating except for a small section where the gold plated conductors are exposed so that they can contact the back pads. The ends of the conductive strips are also exposed for bringing the signals out.