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Tracer – IV-curve Software

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In Tracer you will find your all-in-one solution for the measurement and elaboration of IV-curve measurements. Tracer is the core application developed by ReRa that will help you to characterize your solar cells and compare the results.

Tracer natively supports the control of Keithley 24xx and 26xx sourcemeters.These instruments have proven their strength over time for the measurement of solar cells. They range from 1 – 5 Amperes. By means of plugins other measurement systems can also be controlled.

Modern User Interface

Tracer was developed with the latest Microsoft.NET Technology, which resulted in a modern ‘Microsoft Office 2007’ look and feel. A stable operation on the Microsoft Windows platform is guaranteed. Other popular platforms like Linux and MacOS will be supported soon.

ReRa application concept

Tracer combines the strengths of the following four components:

Tracer Extensions

The core Tracer application makes it possible for a user to measure solar cells by pressing just a button. This will be most of the time sufficient, however Tracer is extendable with so called: Tracer Extensions. These extensions can be downloaded (for free) from our website. Extensions make it possible to use professional algorithms, apply common measurements techniques and much more…

Elaboration Algorithms

The algorithms used in Tracer meet the IEC-standards for Efficiency measurements. A dedicated fitting algorithm to extract the two-diode model parameters is included. Dark curves can be eleborated and diffusion length calculations are incorporated.

Instrument control

Common instruments used for IV-curve measurements are:

  • Keithley 2400 series
  • Keithley 2600 series
  • Kepco BOB
  • Data Acquisition
  • Temperature Control
  • Power supplies

Database Storage

Measurements are stored in project files that can always be opened, even when the instruments are not available. Most companies, however, have the need for database storage of their measurements. Tracer currently has database connectors for the following databases:

  • SQL server
  • MySQL

Measurements are stored in the company database where they can be compared and elaborated with ReRa elaboration software.

More info

Please contact Abet Technologies for more information on the usage of Tracer.