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QE Systems

Abet Technologies model QE-1100 quantum efficiency measurement tool, 350 – 1100 nm range

Quantum Efficiency Metrology Tools

  • Spectral range 280 – 1800 nm
  • Modular setup for maximum flexibility
  • Single and multi-junction devices
  • EQE and IQE capabilities

Abet Technologies offers a range of standard EQE and IQE measurement systems. Model QE-1100 is configured with the most useful components for single junction devices. It has a 350 – 1100 nm range. The QE-1800 is configured with components most useful for components for triple junction cells. Beyond the standard systems offered systems can be custom configured to meet a customer’s metrology needs.

Complete Optimized Design
All models both standard and custom configured start with a base system that includes a system enclosure, chopper wheel dual channel lock-in amplifier, reflective optics, bias voltage supply, magnetic base mount, Si reference cell, bias light halogen lamp source, desk top computer, and Photor software.

PHOTOR Software
Photor software offers complete control of all system functions in all standard and custom configured models. All the algorithms used in Photor meet all the current IEC standards for spectral response measurements.