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Sun 3000 Class AAA

Innovative and Complete

Abet Technologies Model 11016A Sun 3000 110x110mm Solar Simulator.
The Abet Gen II optical design, patent pending, dramatically increases the percentage of photons reaching the work plane.

All electronics are packaged in the lamp house – no clutter of high power cables to deal with. Photofeedback and digital shutter timer are included.

Standard maintenance, lamp or filter replacement, does not require any tools. Locking indicator dials on all the system controls provide for a reproducible and stable setup. A built-in beam imaging accessory assists in system alignment.

Clean Cooling
Any dust or dirt particles introduced into an optical system can degrade system performance and shorten the life of critical optical components. Sun 3000 sources utilize a HEPA filtered cooling fan to extend the life of the delicate optical components.

Abet Technologies offers a number of spectral and field size options to match your application. The Sun 3000 family standard offerings range from 50×50 mm to 400×400 mm 1 sun or more uniformly illuminated field versions for Photovoltaic and UV applications.

Beyond the standard AM 1.5 and AM 0 filters many other filters are offered to fine tune the spectral characteristics of the source for your particular application.

A low profile optical alignment system leaves the space below the system wide open for any material positioning equipment or large samples. Unit mounting options allow suspension from above leaving space below totally free if needed.

Up-pointing and horizontal output direction models are also available.

Long working distances allow easy interface to vacuum boxes.